Our Mission



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Our Core Values


We accept the facts that God gifts us, we always put trust in him. We assure that he has chosen us to perform well and make our company proud.

We embrace the leading standards of integrity and moral behavior.

We are hard-working leaders who furthermore, encourage people to approach their potential.

We always make sure to deliver the given projects on time, without any delay. We stay committed within budget, and to the quality services, of course.

We correct and improve our workers.

We work as a bunch of responsible people.

We are always sure that the work we provide to our employees will be safe and secure for them.

We support and further develop a healthy balance between family and work.

We support other people with the charity in our society.

TRUST & RESPECT | We are fair and straightforward.
We at IBS earn and inspire trust by being responsible through the level of our performance and interactions with our clients.

TEAMWORK | We work as one team indeed.Our beautiful and united culture and experience always support us to reach out to our potential goals. The organization at IBS always ready to give some contribution to the IBS construction team and this mutual act is the key to our unity.

INNOVATION | We always think different.
We attempt to find out the best and reliable solutions and take risks to do things creatively and safely.
PASSION | We love the way we perform.
IBS’s employees love their work and they always ready to perform some unusual and creative things as well. They are very passionate about their work and excited to take the guidance and move forward with the help of support.